Kyle Korver’s Run Finally Ends

Kyle Korver’s run finally ended last night after 127 straight games with a 3-pointer. He went 0-for-5 from behind the arc this Wednesday in the Hawks’ 102-78 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. It was a new record for consecutive games with a 3-pointer smashing the former record of Dana Barros. He was only able to hit a 3-pointer in 89 games.

And it is not like Korver has been throwing up 10 3’s a game and making only 1 or 2 of them. His field goal percentage during the streak was about 46%, and he was only taking about 5.6 three pointers per game.

The last time that Korver didn’t hit a 3 in a game before last night was November 2nd, 2012 in their first game of the season. He went 0-for-2 in their 7 point loss to the Houston Rockets. To put that in perspective, the last time he didn’t make a 3 in a game, Gangnam Style was the top song in the country, the highest grossing movie for the weekend was Wreck-it-Ralph, and one of the worst hurricanes in New York’s history had hit only 4 days earlier.

It is one of the most impressive streaks of all time, and it is sad to see it end.



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