Phil Jackson


Phil Jackson has reportedly agreed to a deal with the Knicks for a front office job. All that is left is a press conference, but the two sides have officially agreed in principle to a deal that would bring Phil Jackson back to where he played the majority of his career.

Jackson would have almost full control in the front office, and the Knicks are hoping that Jackson can come in and save the team in the middle of this disastrous season. However, thanks to the horrible conference that is the East, the Knicks are only 3.5 games behind the Hawks, who are the 8 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Phil Jackson has no idea what he is getting into, though. The Knicks, with a 25-40 record, have only 2 players in the top 100 in scoring this year. Those 2 are Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith, and with Melo being a free agent this offseason, the Knicks won’t have very many scoring options next season. The Knicks aren’t going to even be close to making the playoffs unless Jackson is able to turn it around. However, he won’t be able to because he is an NBA player and a coach, but not someone who can work in the front office.

Some former coaches have had success in the front office before, like Pat Riley, and there have been former players who have had success in the front office, like Larry Bird. However, Phil Jackson has not done this before, and it’s a pretty big risk. If the Knicks do badly in the future, who will be to blame? Phil Jackson.

It won’t be the first time taking the front office job ruins the reputation of a very successful person in the NBA. Look at Michael Jordan. Taking the job with the Bobcats was a big mistake. Before this season, the Bobcats were 62-168 with Jordan as their GM. It hasn’t fully ruined Jordan’s reputation, but it has taken a hit, and so will Jackson’s.

Point is, the Knicks are making a stupid decision to pick up Jackson, but Jackson is making a huge mistake by taking the job.


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