The Next Big Thing

The last time I made a prediction like this, I was very right, but now I don’t have anything to point at to tell people, “Hey, I predicted Kevin Love’s success.” All they can do is trust me that I’m not lying, but in 10 years, they won’t have to just trust me. They can look at this post and see that I was right.

This next big thing is not Andrew Wiggins. It’s not Jabari Parker. It’s not even Joel Embiid. Although all of these guys have unlimited potential to be stars in the NBA, they won’t be the missing pieces to bring their respective teams championships. They might win a combined 4, tops. No, I’m not talking about a top 5 pick. I’m talking about T.J. Warren, forward out of NC State.


DraftExpress has Warren going 17th to the Celtics, while I have him going 14th to the Grizzlies. Although I have him going to the Grizzlies, I would love to see him go to the T-Wolves at 13 or the Celtics at 17. These 2 teams have arguably the best passing PGs in the NBA in Ricky Rubio and Rajon Rondo. This would be very useful to a guy like T.J. Warren whose biggest strength is moving without the ball. A very high percentage of his 24.8 points per game come off him cutting to the basket and his point guard leading him to the basket for a wide open layup.

Not only does he have an excellent eye for cutting, he’s got very developed dribble moves that he can use if the defense is expecting a cut. His field goal percentage is very high at 53.1%.

However, like all NBA players, he’s not perfect. He really needs to develop his outside jump shot. His 3pt% was very high at 51.9%, but that was only because he was taking less than 1 3 pointer per game. This year, he has been a little more bold with his shot selection. He has been taking 3.5 3 pointers per game, and his 3pt% is very very low. 29%!

If he can develop his outside jump shot, he will develop into a superstar in this league. NBA coaches will be looking to improve his jump shot. Let’s hope it’s the right team that he gets drafted by because his success is very dependent on if his team can pass, and if they can shoot. If they can do that, T.J. Warren will be able to win a ring very early on in his career.


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