Potential Draft Sleeper: Jusuf Nurkić


Jusuf Nurkić could make a lot of noise in the NBA, but has some serious growing up to do first.

Let us turn our attention to the draft again, shall we? Today I’m putting the spotlight on a guy who I think is not getting as much attention as he should: 6’11’’ Bosnian center, Jusuf Nurkić. Nurkić has the potential to be a dominant force in the post. He’s shown signs of it already: through his first 8 games in the Adriatic League, he had a PER of 44.8. To give you some perspective, the next highest was 30.2. The one thing standing between Nurkić and greatness, it seems, is maturity. He has shown serious attitude problems that have affected him and his team not just on the court, but off it too. He frequently argues with refs over foul calls, and seems disinterested in playing defense as well as he could or should he seems to prefer reaching in and picking up a foul to actually moving his feet. In fact, this last problem is so bad that even though he has effectively been the best player in the Adriatic League when he’s been on the court, he’s playing an astoundingly low 14.1 minutes per game because he gets into foul trouble so frequently. Although this maturity thing is obviously a real issue, I still think Nurkić could end up being a star in the NBA. For instance, if someone like Greg Popovich can get his hands on him and transform him from the knucklehead that he is to a true team player, he could make a real impact. We’ll just have to wait and see.


If you’re aching for more Nurkić, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx2IXpr5Wzk


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