Donald Sterling

If I had my choice, I would not write about this issue because it’s such a touchy subject that I feel kind of uncomfortable writing about as a white guy going to a private school in Manhattan, but I feel somewhat obligated with it being the biggest story in the NBA right now even though it is the playoffs.

Many were at least somewhat surprised when they heard about Donald Sterling’s very racist comments. How did we not know though. For one thing, there were many racist comments already said by this guy in the past. They didn’t get nearly as much press as this though. In 2006 he was sued by the US Department of Justice for housing discrimination. He was a land-owner, and he refused to rent to African Americans in Beverly Hills and to rent to non-Koreans in Korean neighborhoods. He refused to rent to Hispanics because they “smoke, drink, and just hang around the building, and he refused to rent to African-Americans because “black tenants smell and attract vermin.” Second, he is an 80 year old man dating a model in her young 20s. Obviously there is something going on there. Third, I mean, look at the guy:


It’s hard not to be surprised about the ignorance of this guy, but seriously if you look back at the stuff he has done in the past, there should be no reason we should be surprised by these comments.

If I were on the Clippers, I would have no idea how I would react to this story. If this had come out during the regular season, I think the Clippers players would have boycotted, and Doc Rivers would not have tried to have stopped them. However, because it’s the playoffs, the players must feel very conflicted. On the one hand, it’s the playoffs, so you can’t just forfeit. On the other hand, only 2 players on the Clippers are white. Even the coach is black. I’m sure if Sterling stays on as owner, many Clippers will want to get out of there as soon as possible. I would leave if I were a Clippers player. I’d be on the first train out of Los Angeles, and it wouldn’t be just because of what they claim to call “pizza”.

by Eamon


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