Second Round Predictions

Wizards 4, Pacers 2

The Wizards have all the momentum coming into this series, and the Pacers are coming off of very little rest time after a tough victory over the Hawks in 7.  Hibbert is struggling mightily, and I don’t think Indiana has anyone else who can slow down Nene and Gortat.  I say John Wall has a big series and the Wizards make a surprise appearance in the conference finals.

Heat 4, Nets 1

A lot has been made of the Nets’ regular season success against the Heat, and that certainly means something, but I think beating playoff Miami is a whole different thing from beating regular seaon Miami.  I say LeBron and company continue to coast through the playoffs.

Clippers 4, Thunder 3

In general, I think that the Thunder are actually the better team, but the Clippers have all the momentum right now, after this whole Sterling thing.  I don’t often like to chalk things up to emotion over stats, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

Spurs 4, Blazers 2

The Spurs’ big three is surely aware that this may be one of their last chances to win a title before retirement, and I think there’s just no way they go out this early in the playoffs, even given how well Portland’s played as of late.


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