Eamon’s Conference Finals Predictions

Conference Finals Collage

We’re getting close to the finals now, being just one round away, and having only 4 teams left. After seeing my predictions from the 1st 2 rounds, you may have lost trust in my predicting abilities, and I have started to feel the same way, but I have faith in my predictions for this round, and here they are:

#1 Indiana Pacers vs. #2 Miami Heat:

Miami Heat in 5

Eastern Conference Finals Collage

This is a pretty obvious choice. Sports networks (mostly ESPN) have been trying to pump this game up to get higher ratings, saying this is going to be one of the best series in this crazy playoffs so far, depending  on which Pacers team, mainly which Roy Hibbert shows up. However, I think even if the good Pacers show up, the Heat are good enough to beat them in 7, or maybe even less.

People point to last year, when the Pacers forced Miami to 7, saying the Pacers have improved since then. I honestly do not think that is true. Sure, Lance Stephenson and Paul George have radically improved, and Roy Hibbert did have a better regular season than last year, but (if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past months and a half) you may have heard that in the last month of the regular season and the playoffs, he has been horrendous. However, in my opinion, if he returns to his regular season form, the Heat are just too good of a team.

#1 San Antonio Spurs vs. #2 Oklahoma City Thunder

San Antonio Spurs in 7

Western Conference Finals Collage
Unlike how I think the other series is completely overhyped, I think this series is somewhat under hyped. It will be very interesting to see who can win in a battle of a team that plays experienced, team basketball against a team thats main game plan is to feed it to Russell Westbrook or the MVP Kevin Durant and get out of the way. Both game plans have worked very well for these two teams these past few years, so it will be interesting to see which will overcome the other.

In the end, though, I think the Spurs will win this series and make the Finals a rematch from last year rather than 2 years ago. The Spurs just want it more. The Spurs’ big three (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili) have one many championships, but their careers are starting to wind down, especially Tim Duncan, so they will definitely want to win one for the road. Also, as we just found out, the Thunder have had a devastating loss, losing Serge Ibaka, the third most important player on their team, for the rest of the postseason, so maybe this is not their year, and maybe this is San Antonio’s final chance to win it all with the current big three.


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